Online Dating Tips: How to Stay Safe Using Dating Apps

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Dating apps are a great way to connect with people, but meeting a complete stranger comes with the very real side effect of Stranger Danger. Plus, with personal information more accessible than ever, you never know who might use it for the wrong reasons. Next time you’re swiping or meeting a match for the first time, follow these five steps to ensure your safety. Check Your Own Profiles This seems obvious. Yet sometimes we forget just how much you can find out about someone online. It’s crazy what information you can learn about someone just from knowing a few details about them. Check your privacy settings every so often. Be careful linking your social media to dating apps, especially if your social media channels are public. Be Careful What You Share While you might not be able to control someone seeing where you live based on a geotag from a post your friend tagged you in, giving out personal information is completely voluntary. Saying you grew up in California, were the oldest child, and played sports your whole life is one thing. Telling what neighborhood your parents live in, that your roommates are gone a lot so you’re in an […]

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