Florida teens’ deaths in stolen SUV caught on camera

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PINELLAS COUNTY, FL (WFLA) – At more than 100 miles per hour, security camera video shows the exact moment a stolen SUV careened out of control, killing three teens.

The Pinellas County Sheriff said this crash is a symptom of an epidemic with no end in sight, a vicious cycle of young people thumbing their nose at the criminal justice system.

Video from a Thorton’s security camera shows a woman pumping gas at 4:30am Sunday. A stolen Ford Explorer bursts into an orange glow of fire.

Again, from a Ferrari dealership, cameras caught the SUV rolling into a twisted heap.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said driver Keontae Brown, 16, hit another car, slammed into five cars at a dealership and hit a billboard pole 10 feet above the ground.

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